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FAIRFUELS Plenary meeting was held in Petten (Nederland), 28 January, 2013

FAIRFUELS Plenary meeting was held in Petten (Nederland), 19 – 20 June, 2012

FAIRFUELS Plenary meeting in Stockholm on the 8th February 2011.

FAIRFUELS Workshop in Stockholm on the 9th and 10th February 2011.

FAIRFUELS Plenary meeting in Cadarache in December 2011.


Europe is concerned with declining domestic energy reserves and is engaging into a voluntary policy against climate change and for the competitiveness of the European Union. Nuclear energy can in particular significantly contribute to the sustainable energy supply of Europe.

Next generation systems are based on a very different approach to current light water reactors. The new way to use nuclear fuels will enable to recycle minor actinides, responsible for a major part of the radioactivity of current nuclear "wastes".

The big difference with fossil fuels - which makes the beauty of nuclear physics - is that nothing is "burned", everything is only transformed.

Nuclear "wastes" are by nature different from fossil combustion wastes since they keep significant amounts of usable energy in fissile materials, which are at the basis of their remaining radioactivity. This energy may be liberated during a fission reaction in fast spectrum systems.

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These fissile materials, especially high level long-lived minor actinides, must be 1/ separated (partitioning) and 2/ integrated into new nuclear fuel pins and 3/ irradiated (or transmuted) in fast systems. This will significantly reduce the lifetime and radioactivity of nuclear waste.

Fast systems were therefore recognised by the European Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform as one of the three pillars of the nuclear research to be carried out in Europe.

FAIRFUELS focuses on the transmutation of minor actinides. It will develop, fabricate and test innovative MA bearing fuels for Accelerated Driven Systems and generation IV nuclear reactors.

FAIRFUELS is a European Community funded research project with a global budget of 7.7 M€.

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